3A 17-11

Sanitary Standards for Formers, Fillers, and Sealers of Containers for Fluid Milk and Fluid Milk Products

3-A Sanitary Standards / 19-Nov-2012 / 11 pages

These standards cover the sanitary aspects of unitized equipment for forming, filling, and sealing containers
for fluid milk and fluid milk products. The equipment shall perform one or more of the following functions: 1) forming the container, 2) applying and sealing a supplementary fitment or device, 3) filling the container and 4) sealing, including capping if part of the unitized equipment, the container. The equipment shall start at the points where the product, utilities (air, water, steam, cleaning chemicals, etc.), container, container blank, or container material first enters the unitized equipment. The equipment shall end where the formed, filled, and/or sealed container exits the equipment.

These standards do not pertain to the container, to free-standing container forming equipment or to other
equipment such as labelers, printers, daters, cappers, applicators of supplementary fitments or devices or wrappers not furnished as part of the unitized equipment, nor shall it apply to fillers of viscous products, such as frozen desserts, cottage cheese, cultured yogurt, sour cream, whipped butter, cream cheese, and other similar viscous dairy products.

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