AAMI Standards and Recommended Practices – Sterilization, Part 2: Sterilization Equipment, 2013 Edition

Published by: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation / 2013
The 2013 edition of this sterilization collection for manufacturers and users of sterilization equipment includes 25 AAMI standards and guidance documents. It features recently revised guidance on containment devices (ST77), washer-disinfectors (ST15883-2 and ST15883-3), and hospital steam sterilizers (ST8). It also includes guidance on biological indicators (14161 and 11138 series), documents covering chemical indicators (15882 and 11140 series) packaging (11607 series), EO sterilizers, dry heat sterilizers, table-top steam sterilizers, and more.

Ordering and availability

This publication is available both in printed and PDF edition.

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