AASHTO T 59-13

Standard Method of Test for Emulsified Asphalts

Published by: American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials / 2013 / 40 pages
These test methods, given under the headings titled Composition, Consistency, Stability, and Examination of Residue, cover the examination of asphalt emulsions composed principally of a semisolid or liquid asphalt base, water, and an emulsifying agent. The methods cover tests for
  • Composition
  • Consistency
  • Stability
  • Examination of Residue
  • Identification Test for Rapid Setting Cationic Emulsified Asphalt
  • Identification of Cationic Slow Set Emulsions
  • Field Coating Test on Emulsified Asphalts
  • Emulsified Asphalt/Job Aggregate Coating Test
  • Density of Emulsified Asphalt

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