AGA XQ1302

AGA Report No. 6, Field Proving of Gas Meters Using Transfer Methods, First Edition, Includes Errata (2013)

Published by: American Gas Association / 03/01/2013 / 66 pages / 1st Edition
AGA Report No. 6 is a new publication replacing the old AGA 6 – four part documents – that were discontinued in early 1990s. The new AGA 6 mainly addresses field proving of high volume flow meters of all types (orifice, turbine, ultrasonic, rotary, Coriolis, etc.). It covers proving of meters by using Critical Flow Venturi Nozzle (CFVN) and/or other Master Meters along with the calibration procedure of Master Meters. Appendices cover a detailed discussion on uncertainty analyses and examples of calculation.

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This publication is available both in printed and PDF edition.

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