AIAA S-133-7-2013

Space Plug-and-Play Architecture Standard – Ontology

Published by: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics / 2013 / 39 pages
Two functions are critical in defining an ontology: Naming conventions and relationships between the names. The naming conventions have been selected to cover the complete domain of data elements and characteristics to be addressed by the SPA ontology. A mechanism for expressing the terms relationally, a taxonomy, has also been defined so that the naming is unambiguous and terms cannot be mistakenly used out of context. Specifically, the taxonomy subdivides the problem space into increasingly specialized classes, relationally assigning logical names to precisely defined relational paths within the taxonomy. The SPA Ontology is organized into a set of relational taxonomies to assign names to data and define properties.

This standard establishes the electronic data sheet for SPA for application in the space environment. It establishes the form of a common data dictionary and provides an exemplar.

This standard is applicable to spacecraft with a rapid integration requirement. Guidance on preparing a SPA-compliant xTEDS is the subject of this standard.

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