Electrical and Electronic Silicone and Silicone-Braided Insulated Hook-Up Wire Types S (600 V), ZHS (600 V), SS (1000 V), ZHSS (1000 V) and SSB Braided (1000 V)

Published by: American National Standards Institute / National Electrical Manufacturers Association / 09/01/2013 / 28 pages
Covers requirements for silicone rubber-insulated stranded wire that is used in the internal wiring of high-reliability electrical and electronic equipment. The standard permits continuous conductor temperature ratings of -55°C to +150°C (tin-copper) or +200°C (silver-copper) with either tin-coated or silver-coated conductors. Replaces MIL-W-16878 silicone rubber-insulated wire slash sheets (/7, /8, /29 through /32)

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