API RP 1160

Managing System Integrity for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines, Second Edition, Includes Errata (2013)

Published by: American Petroleum Institute / 09/01/2013 / 99 pages / 2nd Edition
This recommended practice (RP) is applicable to pipeline systems used to transport “hazardous liquids” as defined in U.S. Title 49 CFR Part 195.2. The use of this RP is not limited to pipelines regulated under 49 CFR 195, and the principles embodied in integrity management are applicable to all pipeline systems.

This RP is specifically designed to provide the operator with a description of industry-proven practices in pipeline integrity management. The guidance is largely targeted to the line pipe along the right-of-way, but the process and approach can be applied to pipeline facilities, including pipeline stations, terminals, and delivery facilities associated with pipeline systems. Certain sections of this RP provide guidance specific to pipeline stations, terminals, and delivery facilities.

This recommended practice (RP) outlines a process that an operator of a pipeline system can use to assess risks and make decisions about risks in operating a hazardous liquid pipeline in order to achieve a number of goals, including reducing both the number and consequences of incidents. The document includes a description of an integrity management program that forms the basis of the RP. The RP also supports the development of integrity management programs required under 49 CFR 195.452 of the U.S. federal pipeline safety regulations.

This RP is intended for use by individuals and teams charged with planning, implementing, and improving a pipeline integrity management program.

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