API Spec 11E

Specifications for Pumping Units, Nineteenth Edition

Published by: American Petroleum Institute / 11/01/2013 / 104 pages / 19th Edition
his specification provides the requirements and guidelines for the design and rating of beam pumping units for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry. Included are all components between the carrier bar and the speed reducer input shaft. This includes the following:

a) beam pump structures,

b) pumping unit gear reducer, and

c) pumping unit chain reducer.

Only loads imposed on the structure and/or gear reducer by the polished rod load are considered in this specification.
Also included are the requirements for the design and rating of enclosed speed reducers wherein the involute gear tooth designs include helical and herringbone gearing. The rating methods and influences identified in this specification are limited to single and multiple stage designs applied to beam pumping units in which the pitch-line velocity of any stage does not exceed 5000 ft/min and the speed of any shaft does not exceed 3600 rpm.
This standard does not cover chemical properties of materials, installation and maintenance of the equipment, beam type counterbalance units, prime movers and power transmission devices outside the gear reducer, or control systems.

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This publication is available both in printed and PDF edition.

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