ASA S3.50-2013

Method for Evaluation of the Intelligibility of Text-to-Speech Synthesis Systems

Published by: American National Standards of the Acoustical Society of America / 05/06/2013 / 32 pages
This Standard is to be used for testing the speech intelligibility of text-to-speech systems, providing a
measure of human listeners? recovery of words that correspond to the intended phonemic content of
speech created by the system. Listeners are tasked to record the words or sentences they hear.
Scoring may be either at the word or segment level. A normalized edit distance of the response from
the intended message is the measure of the system?s speech intelligibility. This Standard specifies
methods for selecting test material, which may depend on the purpose and constraints of the test. The
Standard also specifies methods for selecting and training the listeners; for designing, controlling, and
reporting the test conditions; and for analyzing and reporting the test results. The Standard also
provides background material, important for designing the test. Informative software is provided to
assist the user in creating stimuli and scoring the test results. Use of the software is not mandatory.

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