Testing and Reporting Solar Cooker Performance

Published by: The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers / 11/01/2013 / 6 pages
1.1 This Standard is intended to:

1.1.1 Promote uniformity and consistency in the terms and units used to describe, test, rate, and evaluate
solar cookers, solar cooker components, and solar cooker operation.
1.1.2 Provide a common format for presentation and interpretation of test results to facilitate communication.
1.1.3 Provide a single measure of thermal performance so consumers may compare different designs when
selecting a solar cooker.

1.2 The scope of this Standard includes:
1.2.1 All solar powered batch-process food and water heating devices (solar cookers). Devices designed to
desiccate (dryers) are not covered.
1.2.2 Within the scope of this Standard a solar cooker shall be understood to include the cooking vessel(s)
together with associated supporting, heat transfer and heat retention surfaces, heat storage and transfer media
and associated pumps and controls, light transmitting and reflecting surfaces, and all associated adjustments,
supports, and solar locating and tracking mechanisms as may be integral parts of a particular solar cooker.
1.2.3 Estimates of cost and durability vary significantly by location and are not within the scope of this
1.2.4 Estimates of consumer satisfaction are subjective and are not within the scope of this standard.

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