AWPA A9-13

Standard Method for Analysis of Treated Wood and Treating Solutions by X-Ray Spectroscopy

Published by: American Wood Protection Association (formerly the American Wood-Preservers’ Association) / 2013 / 6 pages
1.1 This method provides for the non-destructive analysis of treated wood and treating solutions by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

1.2 The method is applicable to the determination of elements of atomic number 5 or higher that are present in significant quantity in the wood (usually above 0.05%).

1.3 The specific elements covered in this method, and now specified for use in preservative and fire-retardant treatment of wood. These elements, along with their atomic numbers, are B(5), P(15), S(16), Cl(17), Cr(24),
Cu(29), Zn(30), As(33) and I(53).

1.4 Energy dispersive and wavelength dispersive spectrometers can both be used. The configuration and instructions for operating each type of spectrometer are provided by the manufacturer and are not described here. Some of the lighter elements may require special detectors or other accessories to render an instrument capable of an adequate analysis. General information concerning sample preparation and calculation of preservative retention are described.

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