AWPA T1-13 / U1-13 SET

Use Category System Set: Processing and Treatment Standard (T1-13) and User Specification for Treated Wood (U1-13)

Published by: American Wood Protection Association (formerly the American Wood-Preservers’ Association) / 05/01/2013
About T1:
This Processing and Treatment Standard contains the minimum requirements and process limitations for treating wood products under the AWPA Standards. This includes conditioning of material for treatment, treatment processes and limitations, end-results of treatment, post treatment handling, and quality control applicable to all commodities treated under the AWPA Use Category System.

This Standard uses SI (i.e., metric) units. English units are soft conversions and are for information only.

About U1
The Use Category System (UCS) of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) designates what preservative systems and retentions have been determined to be effective in protecting wood products under specified exposure conditions. The strength of the UCS and its focus is that all wood uses can be placed into one of five major use Categories that clearly describe the exposure conditions that specific wood products can be subjected to in service.

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