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BHMA 2013 Certified Products Directory

Published by: Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association / 2013 / 466 pages
For more information about certifying your products and a link to the full BHMA Certification ‘Program Manual’ and license agreement, click Here.

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) Certification Program was developed as a
means for producers of builders hardware to indicate compliance with American National Standards
sponsored by BHMA. Participating manufacturers certify compliance with the standards based on a
continuing program of passing the prescribed tests. The sponsored American National Standards listed in
this directory are performance oriented standards having cycle, functional, strength, security, and finish
test requirements. Third party testing is performed by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory. The
program is open to all manufacturers of builders hardware whether or not they are members of BHMA.

The directory of Certified products is printed once a year, each edition superceding the previous edition.
The effective date is displayed on the cover. Updates, which may be required during the year in the event
additional products are certified, any listed products are decertified, or new licensees enter the program,
are shown on the BHMA website only (

A system of type number descriptions is provided in the Standards for each product. For convenience, a
brief summary of the types is provided in this directory. Listees are permitted to certify models which are
slightly different than the published types, provided they describe the features in the directory, and the
model meets all other applicable requirements of the standard.

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This publication is available both in printed and PDF edition.

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