BS ISO 3547-3:2017

Plain bearings. Wrapped bushes. Lubrication holes, grooves and indentations

Published by: 2017-03-31 / 2017-03-31 / 20 pages
BS ISO 3547-3:2017 specifies dimensions of lubrication holes, grooves and bore indentations on wrapped
bushes made of mono and multi-layer bearing material for plain bearing applications.

NOTE Wrapped bushes with lubrication holes, grooves or bore indentations in accordance with this
document can be ordered with dimensions in accordance with ISO 3547-1 and made from materials in accordance
with ISO 3547-4.

Cross References:
ISO 3547-1
ISO 4378-1
ISO 4378-4
ISO 3547-2
ISO 3547-4
ISO 3547-7

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