CAN/ULC S559-13

Equipment For Fire Signal Receiving Centres And Systems

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada / 01-Jan-2013

ULC Standards is pleased to announce the publication of the Second Edition CAN/ULC-S559-13, Standard for Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems, published under the date of January 2013. This National Standard of Canada was processed and approved by the ULC Committee on Fire Alarm and Life Safety Equipment and Systems.

The requirements in this Standard were aligned with CAN/ULC-S561-13, Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems, and have drawn extensively from the requirements contained in CAN/ULCS-527-11, Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems.

CAN/ULC-S559 covers requirements for fire signal receiving centres and systems, which include transmitting and receiving equipment, proprietary fire receiving centre equipment and control unit accessories. Fire signal receiving centre systems include protected premise unit and receiver for ordinary (non-hazardous) indoor and outdoor locations. Programming methods, test, service and other software intended for use with the equipment for fire signal receiving centres and systems are included in the evaluation of the equipment. Signal receiving units used in fire signal receiving centres, satellite centres, signal processing centres and bridging centres are also covered by the requirements in this Standard.

This edition of the standard was updated to address technological advancements, which include, but not limited to the following revisions:

  • Construction, marking and performance requirements were modified to customize with signal receiving centre applications;
  • More descriptive product markings that are specific to fire signal receiving centre application;
  • Integration of signal receiving centres and proprietary systems to ensure consistency;
  • Testing requirements to detect substitution technology which compromises communication circuits;
  • Recognition of the use of automation software, internet and VOIP reliability in communication systems; and
  • New requirements for security of signals.

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