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Proceedings of CIE Centenary Conference "Towards a New Century of Light" Paris, France, 15-16 April 2013, Includes Addendum 1

Published by: Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage / 06/01/2013 / 1288 pages
In April 2013 CIE celebrated its 100th birthday in the course of its Midterm Meeting in
Paris, France. The meeting was accompanied by a 2-days conference on the subject
“Towards a New Century of Light”. In 2 keynote speeches, 60 oral presentations and
134 posters experts from all over the world presented latest research results and
survey lectures on various subjects related to light and lighting, e.g. “History of
Lighting and Art”, “Hot Topics in Outdoor Lighting”, “Colour Quality Assessment”,
“Health and Wellbeing”, “Workplace Lighting Concepts”, “Hot Topics in Interior
Lighting”, “Advanced Correction Methods for Spectroradiometry”, “Lighting the City ”
Applications and Economics”, “Integrating Daylight and Electric Lighting”, “LED
Photometry and Performance of Photometers”, “Lighting the City – Luminaires and
Design”, “Concepts in Lighting Quality”, “Brightness and Colour, Individual or Shared
Percepts”, “Lighting the City – Spaces”, “Wellbeing, Glare and Comfort”.

The Proceedings of this Conference consist of 1288 pages including 176 papers of
oral and poster presentations with some 1200 figures and some 300 tables.

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