CSA N288.3.4-13

Performance testing of nuclear air-cleaning systems at nuclear facilities

Edition: 1st
CSA Group / 01-Mar-2013 / 50 pages


This is the first edition of CSA N288.3.4, Performance testing of nuclear air-cleaning systems at nuclear facilities. It is part of the CSA N288 series of Standards and guidelines on environmental management of nuclear facilities.

The CSA N-series of Standards provides an interlinked set of requirements for the management of nuclear facilities and activities. CSA N286 provides overall direction to develop and implement sound management practices and controls, while the other CSA nuclear Standards provide specific technical requirements and guidance that support the management system. This Standard works in harmony with CSA N286 and does not duplicate the generic requirements of CSA N286; however, it may provide more specific direction for those requirements.

Product Code(s): 2422177,2422177

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