ETSI TS 101 909-8

Access and Terminals (AT); Digital Broadband Cable Access to the Public Telecommunications Network; IP Multimedia Time Critical Services; Part 8: Media Terminal Adapter (MTA) Management Information Base (MIB)

Published by: 2006-01-01 / 2006-01-01 / 7 pages
The present set of documents specify IPCablecom, a set of protocols and associated element functional requirements.
These have been developed to deliver Quality-of-Service (QoS), enhanced secure IP multimedia time critical
communication services, using packetized data transmission technology to a consumer’s home over a cable television
Hybrid Fibre/Coaxial (HFC) data network.

NOTE 1: IPCablecom set of documents utilize a network superstructure that overlays the two-way data-ready cable
television network, e.g. as specified within ES 201 488 [2] and ES 200 800 [3].

While the initial service offerings in the IPCablecom product line are anticipated to be Packet Voice and Packet Video,
the long-term project vision encompasses a large family of packet-based services. This may require in the future, not
only careful maintenance control, but also an extension of the present set of documents.

NOTE 2: The present set of documents aims for global acceptance and applicability. It is therefore developed in
alignment with standards either already existing or under development in other regions and in
International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

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