ICAO 9997

Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Operational Approval Manual (Doc 9997 AN/498)

Published by: International Civil Aviation Organization / 2013 / 168 pages / 1st Edition
Performance-based navigation (PBN) detailed in ICAO 9613, The Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Manual, is based upon area navigation principles. While various methods of area navigation have been in existence for many years, the widespread use of area navigation as a primary navigation function is a more recent phenomenon. The PBN concept is intended to better define the use of area navigation systems and is expected to replace many of the existing conventional navigation routes within the next twenty years.

The fundamentals of PBN operations are relatively straightforward, and operational approval need not be a complicated process for either applicant or regulator. However the transition to new technology, new navigation and new operational concepts and the dependence on data-driven operations require careful management. The PBN operational approval process is intended to ensure that the appropriate level of oversight is provided for all PBN operations in an environment where there are currently many variables in terms of State regulations as well as experience in the related equipment, engineering and operational issues. In this way, the benefits of PBN will be achieved consistently and safely.

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