IEC 61196-1-308 Ed. 2.0 en:2012

Coaxial communication cables – Part 1-308: Mechanical test methods – Test for tensile strength and elongation for copper-clad metals

Edition: 2.0
International Electrotechnical Commission / 30-Oct-2012 / 7 pages

IEC 61196-1-308:2012(E) applies to coaxial communication cables. It specifies test methods for tensile strength and percentage elongation at fracture for annealed and hard-drawn solid copper clad metals to be used as inner conductor for coaxial cables. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2005. It constitutes a technical revision. Changes from the previous edition of the document are the addition of test methods for annealed copper-clad conductors. This second edition makes a distinction between annealed and hard-drawn solid copper clad metals. Requirements are more precise than in the first edition.


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