IEC 61968-11 Ed. 2.0 b:2013

Application integration at electric utilities – System interfaces for distribution management – Part 11: Common information model (CIM) extensions for distribution

Edition: 2.0
International Electrotechnical Commission / 06-Mar-2013 / 425 pages

IEC 61968-11:2013 specifies the distribution extensions of the common information model (CIM) specified in IEC 61970-301. It defines a standard set of extensions of common information model (CIM), which support message definitions in IEC 61968-3 to IEC 61968-9, IEC 61968-13 and IEC 61968-14. The scope of this standard is the information model that extends the base CIM for the needs of distribution networks, as well as for integration with enterprise-wide information systems typically used within electrical utilities. Major changes with respect to the first edition are summarized below:
– Introduction of new classes to support flexible naming of identified objects.
– Introduction of new classes to support single line diagrams exchange.
– Consolidated transmission and distribution models for lines, transformers, switching, sensing and other auxiliary equipment.


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