IEEE 1278.1-2012

IEEE Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation–Application Protocols

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / 19-Dec-2012 / 747 pages

Revision Standard – Active.
Data messages, known as Protocol Data Units (PDUs), that are exchanged on a network among simulation applications are defined. These PDUs are for interactions that take place within specified domains called protocol families, which include Entity Information/Interaction, Warfare, Logistics, Simulation Management, Distributed Emission Regeneration, Radio Communications, Entity Management, Minefield, Synthetic Environment, Simulation Management with Reliability, Information Operations, Live Entity Information/Interaction, and Non-Real-Time protocol.

data messages,Distributed Interactive Simulation,IEEE 1278.1TM,protocol data units (PDUs),simulation network

Product Code(s): STD97285,STDPD98077

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