IP Standard Test Methods for analysis and testing of petroleum and related products, and British Standard 2000 Parts, 2013

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Published by: The Energy Institute / 03/01/2013 / 71st Edition
IP Standard test methods (STM) is an essential part of any quality control regime for petroleum testing laboratories. A necessary tool for the national and international testing of petroleum and petroleum products, the 2013 version of IP Standard Test Methods also enables laboratories to provide evidence of compliance with the most up to date test methods during inspections.

Updates for the 2013 edition include:

10 New Full Standard Test Methods

  • 588/12 Automotive fuels
  • Determination of manganese content in unleaded petrol
  • Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method (FAAS)
  • 589/12 Automotive fuels
  • Determination of manganese content in unleaded petrol-Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES) method
  • 595/12 Liquid petroleum products-Middle distillates and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) fuels and blends-Determination of oxidation stability by rapid small scale oxidation method
  • 598/12 Petroleum products
  • Determination of the smoke point of kersosine, manual and automated method
  • 600/12 Petroleum products-Determination of low concentration of sulphur in automotive fuels
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometric method (ISO 13032:2012)
  • 601/12 Determination of light hydrocarbons in stabilised crude oils-Gas chromatography method
  • 603e/13 Bitumen and bituminous binders
  • Determination of efflux time of bituminous emulsions using the Redwood No. II Viscometer
  • 609/13 Petroleum products and fat and oil derivatives
  • Determination of phosphorus content in fatty acid methyl esters (FAME)-Optical emission spectral analysis with inductively coupled plasma (ICP OES)
  • 610/13 Determination of sulphur, vanadium, nickel, iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus in residual fuel oil by wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  • 611/13 Determination of corrosiveness to silver of automotive gasoline-Silver strip method

4 New Proposed Methods

  • PM EH/13 Determination of the solvent yellow 124 content of kerosine and gas oil-High Performance Liquid Chromatography method
  • PM EK/13 Determination of mercury in burner fuels derived from mineral oils-wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry method
  • PM EN/13 Determination of low temperature torque of lubrication grease using an electronic torque transducer
  • PM EO/13 Determination of olefin content-high resolution fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy method

And 5 test methods with significant technical changes

  • IP 323/13 Determination of thermal oxidation stability of gas turbine fuels
  • IP 564/13 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel-Laboratory automatic particle counter method
  • IP 565/13 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel
  • Portable automatic particle counter method
  • IP 570/13 Determination of hydrogen sulphide in fuel oils
  • Rapid liquid phase extraction method
  • IP 577/13 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel-Automatic particle counter method using light extinction

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