ISA 75.19.01-2013

Hydrostatic Testing of Control Valves

Published by: The International Society of Automation / 2013 / 34 pages / 13th Edition
This standard applies to control valves having bodies, bonnets, cover plates, and bottom flanges made of carbon steel, low alloy and high alloy (stainless) steel, nickel-base alloy, cast iron, and ductile iron. This standard establishes requirements and definitions for standard hydrostatic shell testing of control valves by the valve manufacturer to prove the structural integrity and leak tightness of the valves’ pressure retaining parts, including any closure parts such as the valve body to bonnet joint, but excluding packings, bellows or other moving seals, and packing leakoff/purge/vent port connections. Bellows or similar moving stem seals may be pressure tested after assembly at a pressure to be agreed upon by the valve manufacturer and the purchaser. The requirements of this standard do not cover pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and regulators.

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