Test Standard for the Measurement of Proton Radiation Single Event Effects in Electronic Devices

Published by: JEDEC Solid State Technology Association / 10/01/2013 / 40 pages
This test standard defines the requirements and procedures for 40 to 500 MeV proton irradiation of electronic devices for Single Event Effects (SEE), and reporting the results. Protons are capable of causing SEE by both direct and indirect ionization, however, in this energy range, indirect ionization will be the dominant cause of SEE [1-3]. Indirect ionization is produced from secondary particles of proton/material nuclear reactions, where the material is Si or any other element present in the semiconductor. Direct proton ionization is thought to be a minor source of SEE, at these energies. This energy range is also selected to coincide with the commonly used proton facilities, and result in the fewest energy dependent issues during test.

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