NFPA (Fire) 105

Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives, 2013 Edition

National Fire Protection Association / 29-Aug-2013

NFPA 105 now references NFPA 80 for more detailed information on smoke door assembly inspection, testing, and maintenance.

Smoke is the leading killer in destructive fires, and NFPA 105: Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives presents comprehensive requirements for the performance of required smoke door assemblies and other opening protectives — such as smoke dampers that are intended to limit the spread of smoke.

To facilitate your work, the 2013 edition of NFPA 105:

  • References 2013 NFPA 80 for inspection, testing, and maintenance of smoke door assemblies, giving users the full benefit of greater guidance on ITM and more user-friendly rules.
  • Includes revised Annex language on smoke dampers that coordinates with NFPA 72: Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Ordering and availability

This publication is available only in printed edition.

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