Balancing Machines – Description and Evaluation Horizontal, Two-Plane, Soft-Bearing Type for Gas Turbine Rotors ( Reaffirmed: Oct 1995 )

SAE International / 17-Dec-2012

This document has been declared "Stabilized" and will no longer be subjected to periodic reviews for currency. Users are responsible for verifying references and continued suitability or technical requirements. New technology may exist.This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) specifies the requirements of balancing machines that make them suitable for the subject class of work. It was developed for soft-bearing balancing machines but may also be used for hard-bearing machines until ARP4048 is issued for that type of machine. Particular not should be taken that this ARP examines only the capability of a balancing machine to indicate the correct amount of dynamic or static/couple unbalance in specified proving rotors. Such rotors are commonly used for testing balancing machines to provide precisely controlled and comparable test results. Further tests of a particular machine may be necessary to assess the capability to balance rotors of different weights and configurations, rotors with outboard c.g. and/or correction planes, and those with disturbance causing features, such as rotors subject blade scatter, windage, etc.

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