TechAmerica GEIA-STD-0005-3-REV A

Performance Testing for Aerospace and High Performance Electronic Interconnects Containing PB-free Solder and Finishes

TechAmerica, Where the Future Begins (formerly ITAA/GEIA) / 01-Dec-2012 / 56 pages

This document defines

1. a default method for those companies that require a pre-defined approach and

2. a protocol for those companies that wish to develop their own test methods.

This document addresses the evaluation of failure mechanisms, through performance testing, expected in electronic products containing Pb-free solder. One failure mode, fatigue-failure through the solder-joint, is considered a primary failure mode in AHP electronics and can be understood in terms of physics-of-failure and life-projections. Understanding the all potential failure modes caused by Pb-free solder of AHP electronics is a critical element in defining early field-failures/reliability issues. Grouping of different failure modes may result in incorrect and/or misleading test conclusions. Failure analysis efforts should be conducted to insure that individual failure modes are identified enabling the correct application of reliability assessments and life projection efforts.

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