UL 1989

Standby Batteries

Published by: Underwriters Laboratories / 10/02/2013 / 28 pages / 5 Edition
Standby Batteries
UL 1989
1 Scope
1.1 These requirements cover instrument batteries, enclosed batteries, emergency lighting and power batteries and uninterruptible power supply batteries of the valve regulated or vented type. A battery system composed of vented or valve regulated types with battery management controls and other battery system components, and other chemistries or battery types are covered by the Standard for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications and Stationary Applications, UL 1973.

1.2 These requirements only address potential risks unique to the utilization of a battery supply in a product. Products employing a battery supply shall comply with the basic requirements contained in this standard applicable to the type of product and its intended use.

1.3 These requirements do not cover risks that may be unique to certain cell chemistries, such as the fire and explosion risks of lithium batteries. Additional investigations are required to evaluate such risks.

1.4 The investigation of a family or group of batteries may be based on the investigation of batteries representative of the family or group.

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