UL 60730-2-10

Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use – Part 2: Particular requirements for motor starting relays

Published by: Underwriters Laboratories / 11/08/2013 / 28 pages / 2 Edition
Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use; Part 2: Particular Requirements for Motor Starting Relays
UL 60730-2-10
1 Scope and normative references
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows:

1.1 Replacement:This part of IEC 60730 applies to controls for automatically controlling the starting windings of single phase motors associated with equipment for household and similar use.This standard applies to motor-starting relays using NTC or PTC thermistors, additional requirements for which are contained in Annex J.
1.1DV Addition of the following text to 1.1:

This standard also covers centrifugal switches intended to be integrated into motors. Such devices are tested with the intended motor as an integrated control.

1.1.1 This standard applies to the inherent safety, to the operating values, operating times and operating sequences where such are associated with equipment safety, and to the testing of motor starting relays used in, or in association with, household or similar equipment.Motor-starting relays for equipment not intended for normal household use, but which nevertheless may be used by the public, such as equipment intended to be used by laymen in shops, in light industry and on farms, are within the scope of this standard.This standard does not apply to motor-starting relays designed exclusively for industrial applications.Throughout this standard, the word “equipment” means “appliance and equipment.” The words “starting relay” mean “motor-starting relay.”

1.1.2 This standard applies to starting relays incorporating electronic devices, and starting relays using thermistor elements, thermal elements and magnetic elements.

1.1.3 This standard does not apply to general purpose relays or to contactors and motor starters of the type covered by the IEC 60947 series. This standard does not apply to mechanical timers or mechanically operated motor-starting devices.
1.1.3DV Deletion of the following text from the second sentence of 1.1.3:

“or mechanically operated motor-starting devices”

IEC 60947 (all parts), Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear

1.1.4 This standard applies to manual controls when such are electrically and/or mechanically integral with starting relays.Requirements for manual switches not forming part of a starting relay are contained in IEC 61058-1.

1.2 Replacement:This standard applies to starting relays with a rated voltage not exceeding 690 V and with a rated current not exceeding 63 A.
1.2DV Addition of the following text to 1.2:

The maximum voltage is 600 V. The maximum current is unlimited.

1.3 Replacement:This standard does not take into account the response value of an automatic action of a starting relay, if such a response value is dependent upon the method of mounting the starting relay in the equipment. Where a response value is of significant purpose for the protection of the user or surroundings, the value defined in the appropriate household equipment standard or as determined by the manufacturer shall apply.

1.4 Replacement:This standard applies also to motor-starting relays incorporating electronic devices, requirements for which are contained in annex H.

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