ULC ORD-C529A-13

Video Image Smoke Detection System Devices

Published by: Underwriters Laboratories of Canada / 06/11/2013 / 1st Edition
The Video Image Smoke Detection Systems Devices addressed by ULC/ORD-C529A-13 are to be investigated with the intent to detect the image of smoke from a fire in the field of view area defined by the limits of the camera. Installation/operating document(s) and/or product marking information provided with the product must describe the specific operating parameters of the product.

Although video image smoke detection system devices may include flame detection functions, this ORD does not include testing for flame detection functions or the combination of Video Image Smoke and Flame detection functions. This ORD utilizes the existing applicable “in Canada” requirements in ULC-S529, Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems, and incorporates additional requirements necessary for the evaluation of video image smoke detection system devices.

The video image smoke detection system devices are not intended to be a direct replacement for standard open area protection devices, but do offer detection capabilities not possible with conventional devices. Special consideration must be given to the video image smoke detection system devices regarding the overall system?s sensitivity and special care taken to reduce the possibility of false alarms.

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