ULC S2577-13

Standard for Suspended Ceiling Grid Low Voltage Systems and Equipment

Published by: Underwriters Laboratories of Canada / 2013
These requirements cover suspended ceiling grid low voltage system is intended to be permanently connected, for indoor dry locations, and installed in accordance with the following requirements: Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, Safety Standard for Electrical Installations, CSA C22.1, and the National Building Code of Canada. The suspended ceiling grid low voltage systems covered by this standard are intended to be installed as a suspended ceiling grid that provides mechanical support for the ceiling tiles and provides electrical connections between the low voltage power supply and the low voltage equipment. The low voltage system consists of the following components:

a) An isolating type low voltage power supply with output(s) operating at 30 V (42.4 V peak) or less and not exceeding Class 2 power limits,

b) A grid rail power distribution system to provide power from the Class 2 power supply to one or more pieces of Class 2 powered equipment, and

c) Class 2 powered equipment that is electrically connected to the suspended ceiling grid low voltage system. This standard also covers suspended ceiling grid low voltage systems intended for use in air-handling spaces.

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